Darul Uloom provides a welcoming and stimulating environment with a caring and encouraging atmosphere, which promotes independence, self-confidence and respect. Students flourish in an environment where academic studies are carefully balanced with creativity, sports and a wide range of extra-curricular and social activities.

Excellence is pursued in Qiraat and Hifdh whole heartedly with many students achieving county, national and international representative honours, Alhamdulilah.

The school year will offer an array of activities and competitions – in the arts, in sport, Islamic speeches, Qiraat, Nasheed, debating, in science, maths, English and humanities-based events.

The Darul Uloom boys were the last winners of the AMS Football Shield, skilfully conquering all their competition over a period of one academic year, Ma-sha’Allāh.

Other activities include meeting professionals, role models and leaders from the wider community. There are visits to and from experts and specialists during events such as work experience, careers days, Arabic day, residentials and our key annual event, the ‘Hifdh Graduation ceremony’ all giving ample opportunity to develop, pursue and showcase their talents, and life skills. This supports students mentally, spiritually, physically and whole-heartedly to leave equipped with the love of learning, an array of life skills and knowing their responsibilities to engage positively with a rapidly changing world. We see our former students going on to study courses such as medicine, pharmacy, optometry, law and much more as well as being employed in virtually every area of life; as Imams, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers and many others.

Our school is partnered with Jami Mosque’s post-16 project, Jami’ah Darul Uloom, where pupils pursue the completion of a full-time Alimiyyah programme after four additional years. While doing so they work towards a BA degree in the Islamic sciences, accredited by Markfield Institute of Higher Education.

Darul Uloom has extensive ties as well as former students studying with many prestigious Universities such as: Al-Azhar University, Madina University, Cambridge University and Markfield Institute, Alhamdulilah.