External Examinations


Registration deadline for May/June 2018 exams is Friday 16th February, after which Late Fees will apply.

AS/A LEVEL [New/Incoming Specification]

Fee Late Entry** Very Late Entry***
AS qualification per subject* £150 £225 £325
A Level qualification per subject* £250 £375 £475



Fee Late Entry* Very Late Entry***
IGCSE per subject* £135 £185 £250
IGCSE Double Award* £270 £325 £375


* November re-sits and January sessions will incur an additional £50 charge per subject / Orals and Controlled Assessments not available

** Late Entry fees start from 17th February 2018 / *** Very Late Entry fees from 13th March 2018


Please ensure you provide accurate information as changes after the late entry deadline will incur fees equivalent to the late/very late fee

Please click here to download the examination booking form

For all Cambridge Examination enquiries and registration information please email: exams@darululoom.org.uk