Aims & Ethos

Aims and Ethos

Darul Uloom Islamic High School is a unique school which provides a balance of traditional Islamic education blended with National Curriculum subjects. The School was first established in 1985 with the primary goal of educating and developing the future ‘Alims, scholars and leaders of the Muslim community in Britain; ones who are well versed in Islamic knowledge but at the same time fully able to proceed on to other professional careers if they so choose; ones who understand the nuances of living as a Muslim but having knowledge and respect for other cultures and beliefs.

Our key aims

• Instil respect, tolerance and understanding to create an environment where learning can flourish
• Teach manners, courtesy and cohesion both within the school and outside
• Developing motivation and confidence in one’s abilities and strengths
• Nurturing ambition, openness and community spirit for future leaders
• Aspiring for the highest educational results, but from the Islamic (Hifz and ‘Alimi) courses as well as the National Curriculum subjects