Welcome Message from the Trustee

Trustee’s Welcome

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuhu,

My desire as lead trustee responsible for the governance of the Darul Uloom is to inspire all our students to become respectful, law-abiding, tolerant British Muslims well versed in Islamic knowledge and etiquettes who go on to make a positive contribution in society as an Alim, scholar, or a professional in the various fields.

I am delighted to be working alongside Ustaadh Azharul our head teacher, to make this happen. We both share similar aspirations for The Darul Uloom, having worked together for several years making meaningful and lasting improvements.

As an Islamic faith school for boys, we welcome and celebrate a distinct learning community, those with the akhirah in mind.  We integrate the universal guidance of Islam with practical living in the UK and to be an important part of British society. Our curriculum is based on a progressive Madrasah style learning adapted for the 21st Century combined with the National Curriculum to ensure our children become truly prepared as Muslims on their outlook and attitude.

We at the Jami Mosque and Islamic centre together with members of this diverse community feel we have a responsibility to create the next generation of inspirational and active leaders. Therefore, as well as focusing on academic excellence, our curriculum strongly incorporates Islamic values and practices such as daily prayers, good adaab and akhlaak, having mercy & compassion upon the creation and the environment, truly valuing the mosque and its community, school connectedness and building relationships with different faith groups– all to ensure students leave well-rounded individuals well-grounded in their faith.

When families join the Darul Uloom they become lifelong members of a very special place. We hope you can see why the school has earned itself a great reputation since its establishment in 1985 as one of the very first Islamic education institutes in the region.

I welcome you all to visit the school and In-sha’Allah you and your son will be delighted with what we have on offer.

May Allah subhanawatalah guide our youth and make them successful in both worlds.

Nozmul Hussain

Trustee in Charge for Darul Uloom

Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre