Ethos and atmosphere

The school positively values all the staff and pupils and welcomes diversity. We seek to promote the achievement of all pupils. Teaching staff make time to praise children for their behaviour, contributions and their work. Each term we hold a merit assembly where children are publicly awarded for achievement in all areas of school life. All pupils will have examples of their work displayed in classrooms and corridors.

Children and staff are called by their preferred names and we ensure that names are spelt and pronounced correctly.

Our school’s assemblies, Citizenship and Religious Education promote justice, fairness and equality as well as informing pupils of many different religious customs, traditions and beliefs.

We will have a children’s School Council which meets regularly to discuss concerns and suggestions raised in class council meetings. The councillors are elected by their class members. The council initiates many discussions and makes contributions to the decision making process of issues concerning children in the school.

We have an equality statement which is displayed all over the school’s premises. This highlights our commitment to promote the equalities act.

Playground behaviour is monitored and unacceptable behaviour challenged to ensure that
pupils are safe and free from harassment. Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with immediately. We have developed systems to deal with playground incidents and with racism. Offensive remarks or behaviour based upon prejudice or misinformation are always challenged (refer to Behaviour Management Policy).