Inclusive curriculum

At Darul Uloom Islamic High School pupils have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, concepts and experiences through their participation in a broad and balanced curriculum. We have high expectations of all our pupils and do not make assumptions about ability or areas of interest.

The school aims to deliver an inclusive curriculum. The teachers have due regard to three key principles:

1 setting suitable learning challenges;
2 responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs;
3 overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils.

The focus is far wider than
and special educational needs. It includes pupils

from all social and cultural backgrounds, pupils of different ethnic groups including travellers, refugees and asylum seekers and those from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

The commitment to meet the diverse needs of children is through:

  •   Careful planning;
  •   Appropriate teaching strategies and support;
  •   Providing a safe environment where racial, religious, disability, class and gender stereotypes are challenged.An awareness of multi-cultural issues informs all our planning. Through assemblies, R.S and Citizenship topics, pupils learn about different societies, environments and cultures, religions, traditions and societies are presented by the teacher with equal respect and value. When discussing these issues, teachers focus upon similarities as well as on differences.Teachers aim to take into account individual pupils’ experiences and try to make lessons and activities interesting and accessible to all.

    Children who speak English as an additional language and those who have been identified as having educational or physical needs are considered in all aspects of planning, teaching and assessment.

    Observing inclusive teaching strategies is a key element of the Head teacher’s annual programme of monitoring.