Parents, Carers and the Community

We acknowledge and support the varied family circumstances in which our pupils live and we try to ensure that all carers and parents are always welcomed at our school.

A regular newsletter is sent home to parents and carers detailing current events and other information about school life. This and the school website are our key forms of communication. In addition specific letters are sent home each term to inform parents of work being undertaken in their children’s classes and in advance of class trips.

A formal written report of children’s progress is provided twice a year. The interim report highlights levels and the final report details levels and progress over the year. We will give help with understanding, or translate, any of the above if necessary.

Language can sometimes be used to exclude certain groups, therefore, we aim to use appropriate and accessible language in all written and verbal correspondence.

We hold two official Parent Forums each year. Parents’ commitments and availability are taken into consideration: therefore, as well as a parents’ evening, appointments can be made during the day. Parents are also invited to make appointments with class teachers throughout the term to discuss particular concerns or issues.